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Just as the myth of the Phoenix tells us about the perpetual cycles of our lives, we also find in music the constant confrontation with life and death.

Our debut CD Phoenix is now available everywhere!

The motif of the Phoenix comes to bear in each of the individual works in its own way. In the trio by Éric Tanguy, one of the most important French composers of our time, it makes itself felt as a permanent alternation of moods that drive each other to ecstasy. Kelly-Marie Murphy’s work ‘Give Me Pheonix Wings To Fly’ describes in its three movements the different moments of the cycle’ with dazzling colors and unstoppable rhythms. Finally, in Felix Mendelssohn’s second piano trio, the ensemble begins in a somber C minor in the 1st movement and opens up in a radiant C major chorale at the end in the finale, impressively describing the perpetual process of life.